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Our Providers

Dr. Maloney, MD
Chief Medical Officer
danielle 2021.jpg
Danielle LeBlanc, FNP
Joshua Brown-Head shot.jpg
Dr. Josh Brown, DDS
Dr. O'Dwyer, OD
Chief Optometric Officer
Renee Johnson,
Behavioral Health Services Coordinator
Clement Parker.JPG
Parker Clement,
Native Connections Project Director
Marilyn Peller, 
Behavioral Health Case Manager
Lucas Gardiner, 
Peer Recover Coach
Evelyene McPherson,
Family Health Educator
Dolly 2021.jpg
Dolly Furr, FNP
Dr. Verdelli 2021.JPG
Dr. Verdelli, DMD
Chief Dental Officer
Cathy McCoy,
Dental Hygienist
Jackie Killips, RPh
Pharmacy Director
Rachel Hileman, Mental Health Therapist
Bill Malette, Mental Health Therapist
Jenna Sanderson,
Tribal Opioid Response Project Director
Teresa Besler, Nutritionist
Dae Fawn Rajacic.jpg
DaeFawn Rajacic, 
Patient Health Educator
karen perkins 2021.jpg
Karen Perkins, FNP
Dr. Hashemi, DDS
Beth Pershinske, 
Dental Hygienist
Katie Mayer, RPh
Jennifer Cifelli, Intensive Outpatient Therapist
Nelson Kevin.JPG
Kevin Nelson, Mental Health Therapist
trista 2022.jpg
Trista LeBlanc, 
Peer Recovery Coach
Joann LeBlanc, Maternal Child Health
Betty Jahnke,
Supervisor Case Manager

Our providers bring years of knowledge and experience to our Health Center. They are dedicated professionals helping you to become a healthier individual and helping the community become healthier as a whole.

We strive to bring the highest quality of care every day and are ready to serve you in all your healthcare needs.

Latest Clinic News:
We've Moved!
We are now at our new location of: 12455 W Lakeshore Drive. All appointments will now be at this new location.
Upcoming Holiday Closures
April 15, 2022
New Clinic Policies 
Bay Mills Health Center has two new policies in place that can affect patients. Our new dental no call/ no show policy and our new inclement weather policy.
Patient Portal
Bay Mills Health Center is now participating in an electronic patient portal and direct messaging. To get started go to
Text Message Reminders and Automated Calls
Bay Mills Health Center is very happy to announce that we have begun texting some patients appointment reminders and sending out automated reminder calls to all patients. In order to receive text message reminders you must fill out an opt in form. From the automated calls or texts you can confirm, cancel, or ask to reschedule your appointment. If you choose to reschedule, someone will call you from the health center to find a date that works for you!

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